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GOP intends to cut MEDC funding…what does this mean for businesses?

Check out this article on Republican lawmakers’ plans to cut the budget of the state agency responsible for awarding incentives to companies that hire new workers and expand facilities in Michigan. The Michigan Economic Development Corp uses the funding to help subsidize job creation efforts. According to the GOP, these cuts are necessary to balance

Cover your bases!!!

Cover your bases!!! Why liability insurance is a MUST for businesses… A lot of business owners feel as though they cannot afford liability insurance. The truth is, while it can sometimes be expensive, you can’t afford NOT to have it. What happens if you are the victim of theft? Not insured? Who’s going to pay

C&G Law Clerk Jessica Marie Mills honored at Wayne Law Honors Convocation!

Scholarships, fellowships, awards and prizes were presented to accomplished students at this year’s Honors Convocation held on March 26, 2015. Student recipients are chosen based on academic success, involvement in Law School and community activities, financial need or interest in a specific career. C&G’s Law Clerk Jessica Mills received the MARILYN KELLY PUBLIC INTEREST SCHOLARSHIP

Arena development advancing in Detroit…what does this mean for the local business community?

Read up on the updates to the original rezoning requests made to Detroit City Council by Olympia Development to make way for the new Red Wings arena and surrounding development. This new development brings a number of issues to light. What does this mean for new prospective business opportunities and existing adjacent businesses? Contact C&G

Watch out for legal formalities that come with your choice of business structure!

Take a look at this recent U.S. Court of Appeals-6th Circuit case, where a board of directors takes heat for failing to comply with legal notice requirements. The shareholders sued the board and won! The board failed to disclose specifics about an important proposal in a required notice for an upcoming board meeting. Why is

House Bill would ban noncompete agreements in Michigan!

March 23rd’s tip of-the-week discussed how tricky noncompete clauses can be. Check out this article about a newly proposed House Bill that if approved, would ban all noncompete agreements between employers and employees in the state of Michigan. Wow! Click here to read the article! ‪ *Please be sure to read the disclaimer section on

The Non-Compete Agreement- Beware: One Size does NOT fit all!

Employers often use non-compete agreements to protect their valuable assets, namely to have some assurance that their proprietary information and trade secrets will not be made available to competitors. Many business owners use a template that they downloaded from the web or got from a friend that owns a business/ had access otherwise. Saves on

Entrepreneurship and the need for legal counsel- check out what C&G has to say in Crain’s!

C&G’s Founder Jehan Crump-Gibson was recently interviewed about entrepreneurship and the importance of small businesses having legal counsel. Click here to check it out!

Living VICARIOUSLY through others…literally!

Living VICARIOUSLY through others…literally! You CAN be liable for the actions of your employees- no matter what type of business you own! Whether you have a restaurant, cleaning service, sell life insurance or offer financial advice…your employees can expose you to liability under the legal theory of “Respondeat Superior” or VICARIOUS LIABILITY! The Latin term

Court of Appeals speaks in Cavazos v. Co-Gab Enters. Inc. – no discrimination!

Take a look at this recent Michigan Court of Appeals ruling, where the court rules in favor of the employer in a discrimination case. Here, the terminated employee sued his employer, alleging he was fired because of his Hispanic heritage.The court held that the employee failed to prove that his firing was based on discrimination

Who is responsible for approving zoning ordinances and permits???

Click here to check out this informative article explaining who is responsible for approving zoning ordinances and how zoning permits are issued. If you missed yesterday’s tip of the week, make sure to read it to understand the impact of zoning laws on you or your business. Questions about how this process may effect you

Location, Location, Location… How zoning impacts your business!

When many people hear the word “zoning”, either they do not understand its implications or their eyes glaze over. However uninteresting or unrecognized it may be, it is extremely important. Zoning controls the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put. Zoning laws identify the areas

City of Southfield approves zoning that allows for medical marijuana facilities!

Read about the Southfield City Council’s recent approval of medical marijuana facilities. The Council approved a zoning ordinance that will allow the creation of medical marijuana facilities within the city. The ordinance was approved 5-0 at the council’s regular meeting Feb. 23. What are your thoughts? Questions about how this new ordinance may effect you

C&G on CBS Detroit Radio!

Listen to founding member Jehan Crump-Gibson, Esq, earlier this week on CBS Detroit radio’s WXYT AM127’s “Small Talk with Mark S. Lee”. The show is focused on small business development and entrepreneurship across the Detroit region, SE Michigan and the state of Michigan. During the interview, Attorney Crump-Gibson discusses her background, her commitment to the

Put it in writing! The Formality = The Reality

Put it in writing!!! The Formality = The Reality “A man’s word is as good as the paper it’s written on” Hiring a new printing company for your sales brochures? Ordering more product? What about engaging a virtual assistant or having the electrical system in your office repaired? Put the terms in writing! While oral

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