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Settlement agreements are great…when they are enforceable!!!

Take a look at this Michigan Court of Appeals case where the court found an alleged settlement agreement between a former employee and employer was unenforceable because there was no signed writing showing assent to the agreement. The former employer attempted to enforce a non-compete clause, along with other provisions in the settlement agreement, against

Check out this recent feature on C&G’s growth!

Have a look at this recent feature on C&G! The firm’s growth has resulted from word-of-mouth by satisfied clients. Click here to read the story!

Arbitration: The Road MORE or LESS traveled?

A lot of companies have employees and contractors sign arbitration clauses so that in the event of a dispute, the matter is not handled in the courts. Arbitration is a form of private dispute resolution, which provides parties to a controversy with a choice other than litigation. Arbitration can be voluntary or mandatory. There are

Check out this piece on changes to Michigan’s Nonprofit Corporation Act!!!

Take a look at this article detailing the recent changes to the Nonprofit Corporation Act. The amendments were made to reflect current nonprofit practices and also make the Act more closely parallel to the State’s Business Corporations Act. One of the new provisions expands nonprofit directors’ indemnification to include paid directors and protects all directors

Conservatorship: Know the ropes!

Taking on the job of conservator? Make sure you truly understand what it entails and what it will require of you! A conservator has broad power to handle assets on behalf of someone that has been deemed a “protected individual”, that is essentially, legally determined to be unable to manage his/ her affairs. A lot

Register for our exclusive Small Business Workshop today!!

C&G Solutions presents “Business Skills”: A Workshop for Start-ups and Existing Businesses. This workshop is a MUST, whether you are interested in starting a business or already in operation! Hosted in the heart of downtown Detroit at the historic Fort Shelby Doubletree Hilton, this is something you do NOT want to miss! We have top

Business Owners!! Beware of improper conduct!!

Check out this recent Michigan Court of Appeals case where the court found that a limited liability company, along with some of its “executives” were guilty of member oppression, self-dealing and related improper conduct concerning distribution of proceeds from the sale of the company! Courts take the mishandling of funds and improper conduct of a

You want tax-exempt status? You have to earn it!

C&G’s tip of the week: You want tax-exempt status? You have to earn it! You have been thinking about starting that non-profit for quite some time. Now the time has come- you are ready to move forward with getting the organization started and then filing for tax-exempt status (also known as 501(c)(3) status) with the

Kresge gives $1.6 million to local non-profits in efforts to revitalize neighborhoods

Last week, Kresge Foundation announced that it awarded a total of $1.6 million to 18 different non-profit organizations in a continued effort to help strengthen Detroit neighborhoods. The Kresge Innovative Project is aligned with the Detroit Future City strategic framework, a long-range blueprint for city and neighborhood revitalization in Detroit initiated in 2013. With all

Potential employee misclassification rears its ugly head again!!

Back in January, we published a “Tip of the Week” explaining the importance of properly classifying workers as independent contractors vs. employees. As we explained, Michigan courts (along with the IRS) have developed a very specific test with several factors to determine Contractor v. Employee status. Take a look at this recent U.S. Court of

At-Will Employment: Practice what you preach!

C&G’s Tip of the week: At-Will employment- Practice what you preach!!! “For Cause” trumps at-will status A lot of people already know that Michigan is an “at-will” state. The problem is that not everyone truly understands what “at-will” employment is and more importantly how employment handbooks, contracts and policies must be uniformly and accurately drafted

When probate goes deadly wrong….

Can you believe this?! When probate matters go deadly wrong… Take a look at this recent, rather disturbing Michigan Court of Appeals case. Here, the court held that per Michigan statute, a killer or felon cannot profit from his or her wrongdoing. In this case, the estate holder’s son was convicted of bludgeoning him to

New arena development awards $25 million in contracts to Detroit firms

Remember last week’s post about updates to the rezoning requests made to Detroit City Council by Olympia Development to make way for the new Red Wings arena and surrounding development? Although the approvals are still pending, Olympia Development has announced that Detroit firms were awarded $25 million of the first $30 million in contracts for

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