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Court orders dad removed as conservator and to repay funds!

Take a look at this recent Michigan Court of Appeals case where the court upheld an order removing a father as his son’s conservator, after finding that the father wrongfully withdrew and spent life insurance proceeds. After his seven-year-old son’s mother died, the court appointed Marcus Owens as conservator. His child received a total of

Joint or Separate Trusts for Married Couples??

We came across this highly informative article, written by one of the speakers of the 55th Annual Probate & Estate Planning Institute. It explains the benefits of married couples having separate, as opposed to joint, trusts. Some of the benefits discussed are creditor protection during marriage, creditor protection after a spouse’s death and remarriage protection.

Myth-Buster: Am I responsible for paying off my loved one’s debt?

You’re inheriting your loved one’s estate- does that mean you are inheriting his or her bills? Let’s talk about in the case of parents. Generally, heirs are NOT responsible for their parents’ outstanding bills. While creditors can go after the assets in the ESTATE to satisfy debt (potentially reducing what ultimately is given to heirs),

FAIL to document? Then PLAN for court!

Take a look at this recent U.S. Court of Appeals-8th Circuit case, where a two-member LLC wound up in court fighting over money because of failing to properly document transactions and maintain adequate records. Here, a successful real estate development company found itself underwater and unable to make ends meet. Mr. Robl, the member owning

C&G Founder named President-Elect of the Wolverine Bar Association!

Attorney Crump-Gibson joins the following Officers and Directors in serving for the 2015-16 Bar Year: President: Randal M. Brown President-elect: Jehan Crump‐Gibson Treasurer: Alex Simpson Secretary: Jerome Crawford Immediate Past President: Chantez Pattman Knowles Board of Directors Tiffany Boyd Nikkiya Branch Daimeon Cotton Erin Hendrix Diane Hutcherson Eric M. Mathis Hon. Craig Strong Ronda L.

Hiring Practices: Mum’s the Word!

You may have a pretty good handle on your employment practices- but did you know that you’re on the hook for actions that you take during the application process? Specifically, did you know that you can have suit brought against you for claims of discriminatory actions in your hiring process? Such is the case even

I own this land… I can’t build on it?!?!

Check out this recent Michigan Court of Appeals case involving a denied variance request made to a Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Here, the owner of a small island wanted to build a home on the island. The township deputy-zoning administrator determined that the island was “not zoned.” However, the township planning commission chairman appealed

The enforceability issue rears its ugly head again!!

This recent case involves a dispute over the enforcement of a restrictive covenant in an employment agreement between an ophthalmology practice and one of the doctors it formerly employed. The agreement contained two clauses that were at issue- one that prohibited its assignment (handing off obligations and rights of a contract to another party) and

PLLCs: Birds of a feather MUST flock together

Professional Service limited liability companies or PLLCs are limited liability companies comprised of individuals who have been legally authorized to provide a professional service. Some professions that MUST form as a PLLC (and not just a regular LLC/ limited liability company) include attorneys, accountants, doctors of divinity or other clergy, dentists and physicians. For single

Pastor escapes liability due to Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine!!!

Pastor escapes civil liability due to Ecclesiastical Abstention Doctrine! This doctrine allows churches to make certain decisions that are protected from review by the court system. It was triggered in this recent Michigan Court of Appeals case. Amid implications of impropriety, a church’s board of trustees voted to suspend their pastor from the pulpit with