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Long lease terms: do you really want to commit??

Business owners must proceed with caution when entering into commercial leases. Along with a number of other concerns to tackle prior to entering into a commercial lease, the length tops the list. Most landlords will push for longer lease commitments, but you have to know when to push back! Depending on the specific needs of

Outside investors: Just because it makes dollars DOESN’T mean it makes sense!

You have a great business concept and decided to start your business BUT you find yourself in dire need of funding. The best thing to do is to hook that potential investor you were chatting up and get the cash, right? WRONG! This decision has serious implications. First, any investor at minimum will want input

Proposed bill prohibits local governments from setting local minimum wage!

Last Thursday, the Michigan Senate approved a bill that would prohibit local governments from setting local minimum wages or other employment requirements. Supporters of the bill want to prevent local ordinances they believe would defer economic development. Opponents argue that the bill takes away the ability of local governments to decide what is best for

Employee Discipline: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Employee discipline: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! It’s great to have impressive disciplinary policies and procedures in place but that won’t mean much if you are applying them in an inconsistent fashion. There’s an old saying that says bad as to one, bad as to all. This could not be

Co-Agents – Sometimes even “Two” is a crowd!!!

You are ready to have your Power of Attorney done. You want both of your children or siblings to serve as co-agents, which means they will have joint power/ responsibility for decision making if you become unable. Simple, right? Maybe not. There are drawbacks with a shared power of attorney. Your intentions may be to

Democrats propose increase for tipped workers!

On Tuesday, Democratic lawmakers introduced a plan to allow tipped workers in Michigan to be paid the same minimum wage as all other hourly employees. Currently, Michigan workers who collect tips earn a base minimum wage of $3.10 or 38% of the state’s minimum wage. If the legislation is approved, base wages for tipped workers

SCOTUS says Abercrombie should not have denied Muslim woman job over head covering!

US Supreme Court rules popular retailer Abercrombie & Fitch discriminated against a young Muslim woman when they did not hire her because she wore a hijab in observance of her religion! This should be a wake up call for business owners concerning their hiring practices! Check out this CNN piece on the case below! Click

Ignorance is NOT bliss!

“How can I be responsible for that??? I didn’t even know!!!!!” These are words that cause us to wince in pain when we hear them! Why?? Because ignorance of the law is NEVER an excuse- no matter what! Just because you are not familiar with a particular area of law does not mean it does