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Santa has come and gone, but YOU should be making your list and checking it twice!

Last week, we talked about “out with the old, in with the new”. We received feedback in high volumes from business owners. The overarching message was “I know there are some things I could take a look at- but where would I even start??” Small businesses are notorious for failing to keep proper records. It

Legal marijuana on the job!?!

Marijuana use is now permitted in 23 states and Washington DC. While Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington DC permit its recreational use, the other states have legalized marijuana use for medical purposes. However, States that have passed varying marijuana laws haven’t provided much guidance in the employment realm. According to the ABA publication on this

Out with the old…in with the new!!!

Let’s get ready for 2016 together!! Check out “Out with the old…in with the new” here ! **Please be sure to read the disclaimer section on our site!

New regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit!!

Breaking news! Detroit City Council passes medical marijuana dispensary zoning regulations. Check the Crain’s piece out here ! Questions? Concerns? Contact us today! P: 248-395-3699 E: *Please be sure to read the disclaimer section on our site!!


Check out this piece we came across where yet ANOTHER employer improperly classified an employee as an independent contractor! But here’s the catch- the employee was properly classified until he went on medical leave, only to later find out that his classification was changed without his knowledge –resulting in a total loss of his healthcare

Michigan cracking down on UIA fraud

Check out this piece on the state’s upcoming plans to combat unemployment insurance fraud! The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) recently announced it will pursue nearly 300 open fraud cases involving either employer tax evasion, fictitious business schemes or identity theft. The state will also implement the Michigan Integrated Data Automated System (MiDAS), software designed to

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Copyright gets personal???

Remember the picture that circled the internet of the stunned and confused Michigan fan after U-M’s recent defeat to Michigan State?? Well to add insult to injury, an Ohio t-shirt company is now using that image to promote Ohio State and profiting off of it! The problem is, the company does NOT have authorization to