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Employment Chronicles: When being a jerk doesn’t work!

While it’s GENERALLY not illegal to be a jerk, it certainly doesn’t pay to be one. There are many ways your disposition can affect your Company’s bottom line. One of the major ways that business owners and managers do not anticipate their ‘approach’ will come back to haunt them is in the event of a

Saying ‘bye’ to strip malls in Detroit’s Midtown?

Midtown Detroit Inc., a nonprofit active in the redevelopment of Midtown, is currently lobbying for new zoning regulations that would change the current layout of the area. With these new regulations, the typical strip mall –single-story shops with a parking lot – would virtually be banned! Significant conditions would be required to build new ones.

Looking for tips on how to grow your small business?

Take a look at this informative piece we came across!! Recently, Patrick Schwerdtfeger, an author, speaker and expert on global business trends, discussed the “thinking big” mindset during a workshop for local entrepreneurs at TechTown Detroit. Michelle Pluskota, Vice President of Business Services for Comcast’s Heartland Region, attended the workshop and compiled a list of

Want your loved ones to really avoid Probate? Go all the way!!

When it comes to avoiding the Probate Process, there is one thing that is more important than having a Will or a Trust: Making sure all of your property is titled correctly. This includes accounts, policies, real property and the like. A big concern that a lot of clients have when they come to us

Small business owners CAN access affordable help!

Don’t find yourself caught up with tough legal issues trying to do it yourself! C&G regularly works with small businesses owners to address their needs. Cost is not always measured in dollars! “As attorney Alan Hall put it when asked what message he’d like to send to small business owners everywhere: “How much is your

LLC Owners: Stay in your sandbox- do not use the Company’s assets as your playground!

Piercing the Corporate Veil… Owners of LLCs are known as “members”. Generally, a member of a Michigan LLC is not liable for the acts, debts or obligations of the Company unless otherwise provided by law or an operating agreement. The Company acts as a shield or a “veil” to protect the members. This is great

Proposed Government Contractor Whistleblower Practices Rule may create more problems than solutions!

Take a look at this piece we came across regarding a proposed Government Contractor Whistleblower Practices Rule that may create more problems than solutions! On January 22, several government administrations proposed an amendment to the Federal Acquisition Regulation that would forbid the government from spending money on businesses or nonprofits who require employees or subcontractors

LLCs and PLLCs: Have you filed your annual statement yet????

ONE of the most important things businesses must do is make sure to stay current on all licensing, reporting and certification requirements. Can you guess the most common renewal we see business owners miss? The annual report with the State of Michigan- the very report that is required by law to keep your business in

Medical Marijuana dispensaries will soon be bidding to operate in Detroit!

On Tuesday, the City of Detroit’s Corporation Counsel announced at a City Council meeting that medical marijuana dispensaries may begin placing bids to operate as early as March 1st. All bids must be received by the March 31st deadline. Currently, there are approximately 200 dispensaries within the city. If these dispensaries do not comply, they

Watch your step! Steer clear from Whistleblower Protection Act violations!

Take a look at this Michigan Court of Appeals case where the court ruled a former employee provided direct evidence to substantiate her Whistleblower’s Protection Act (WPA) claim. Jean Berry worked for nearly two years as a home health care aid for In Your Golden Years, owned by Judith Girardin. When Berry began working in

During estate planning, don’t forget your digital assets!!!

Take a look at this article we came across about a Canadian widow who was denied access to her deceased husband’s Apple account absent a court order! When Peggy Bush requested her husband’s Apple ID, she was told she must provide a copy of his death certificate, his will and a COURT ORDER requiring the

When the Honeymoon is over: Being Proactive in Handling Partner Disputes

Whether it’s your brother, best pal from college or a like-minded entrepreneur you met at a conference, you will eventually have a disagreement with your business partner. Most of the squabbles may be small but there may come a time when a big issue arises and your dispute over it threatens the operations of your

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