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Honoring our heroes…

Honoring our heroes on Memorial Day… Arthur Ashe once said “True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever cost.” Those who died while serving our country were true heroes. We honor them for their valor and

Changes to overtime pay…the clock is ticking!!!

We’ve been keeping you updated as the new overtime rules adoption process has evolved. Well, it’s official… December 2016 will bring about major changes concerning overtime pay and exempt employees! Click HERE to read this Fox Business piece on how the rules will affect you! Questions or concerns? Contact C&G today! P: 248-395-3699 E:

Stuck like chuck: How to avoid deadlocks in operating agreements!

Deadlocking is a standstill resulting from two opposing forces. The potential for this issue to arise is quite prevalent with two-member LLCs; namely, the members of the LLC are in disagreement with the other’s decision. If the matter is significant enough, business operations can come to a complete halt. Whenever possible, deadlocking should be avoided.

Settling into the new normal? “Friending” employees on Social Networking Sites

Let’s face it. Social media is the “new normal”. And while there may be a few of us stubborn mules who have not embraced it, an overwhelming majority of people across many different demographics and generations have. There are so many ways the new normal impacts the workplace. For this week’s “tip”, we are sharing

Why your co-owned business needs a prenup: Buy-Sell Agreements

Do you know what will happen to your business if your partner leaves or passes away? What about if you become disabled? Most business owners cannot definitively answer this question because they do not have a “business prenup” or “business will”- more formally known as a Buy-Sell Agreement. A Buy-Sell Agreement includes provisions for death,

Interviewing Practices: Mum’s the word!

A number of our small business clients are growing. With growth comes the need to hire more staff. Quite some time ago, we published a tip on interviewing practices- we thought it would be important to recirculate it in light of this growth spike. Take a look below! You may have a pretty good handle