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Myth Busters: Small Business Edition

One of the most misunderstood concepts we hear about from entrepreneurs is the “S-Corp” as it relates to limited liability companies (LLCs). We often hear business owners seeking to file paperwork to form an “S-Corp as opposed to an LLC” because the LLC is not best for them. Let’s bust this myth. In this scenario,

Keeping everything in check…

We regularly stress the importance of keeping your estate plan up-to-date. As time progresses, life changing events necessitate a review of your documents to ensure that your wishes are still followed and your assets are safeguarded. Life changing events can include a birth, a death, an inheritance, purchasing property or even a move!!! For this

Sharing may not be so caring: the danger of borrowing contract templates

When you’re a small business owner, budgeting is everything. You try to keep costs down and save as much as you possibly can. What business owners MUST remember is that cost cannot always be measured in dollars alone. Some decisions you make on the front end can actually be costlier on the back end. There

It’s here!! The C&G Quarterly!!!

Click HERE to check out this edition of the C&G Quarterly!!! You do not want to miss this issue! Meet our 2016 College Intern Class, catch up on what C&G is doing around town and read up on the latest in Estate Planning, Government Affairs and Employment Matters! See anything of interest in the issue?