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SMALL Business- BIG Problems

Small business owners often make the mistake of failing to consider employment/ labor laws that apply to their businesses. While there may be some federal and state laws that apply to businesses with a certain number of employees, there are others that apply to ALL: even if you only have ONE. Think: Workers’ Compensation, Independent

The “what” and the “who”

When it comes to managing healthcare decisions in the event of incapacitation, we are often asked only about preparing a “living will”. Most of the time, this happens because clients are not entirely sure what purpose this document serves. Here’s what is important to remember about living wills: they handle the “what”. “What” specifies the

Pop Quiz!!!

Last week, we discussed the importance of knowledgeable human resource staff. The primary reason this is so important is because of mounting litigation nationwide. Knowing the law goes a long way in minimizing risk and protecting your business. For this week’s tip, we came across an insightful article about the basics of employment law. The

Square peg in a round hole: undervaluing Human Resources

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in running your business is hiring someone to run Human Resources- that does not KNOW Human Resources. We have seen far too many times owners of closely-held businesses hire a friend or someone a friend recommends that is good with “paperwork” and is “really organized” to handle

It could happen to you…

Genetic Testing? 30 Claimants? The nightmare that has become probating the icon Prince’s estate rages on. As you can recall, Prince died with no Will and no known children. The process of determining his heirs and distributing his estate is now up to a court. Now, you may not have an estimated $300 million estate