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Your Star Player- Choosing your Fiduciary

Sometimes, people have difficulty choosing a “fiduciary”, or who they want to handle their assets should they become incapacitated or pass away. Types of fiduciaries include the Trustee of a Trust, or the Personal Representative (or even Conservator) of an estate. Parents will feel guilt choosing one child over another, although they know their child

Small Business Matters: Eyes Wide “Shut”

We often discuss the dangers of small business owners unwittingly neglecting important matters that can ultimately make or break their businesses. Many business owners have tunnel vision when it comes to driving the bottom line. When this happens, they run the risk of missing an exit and detouring to hazardous terrain. For this week’s tip,

King Holiday and Service Act: A day “on”, not a day “off”

In 1994, President Clinton signed the King Holiday and Service Act, sponsored by Sen. Harris Wofford and Rep. John Lewis, to make the King Holiday a day of service that brings people together- a day “on”, not a day “off”. On this day of service in honor of Dr. King, we hope that you are

All’s well that ends well

Thinking about launching that business with a partner? Or is there already an existing business that you have been offered ownership in? Either way, one of the most important documents you will need is a Buy-Sell Agreement. Affectionately termed a Business Will or Business Prenup, this document (or sometimes a section within a larger legal

How much do you know about estate planning?

It’s a new year. Being the astute person you are, you may have made a list of personal and financial goals you want to accomplish in 2017. Is your Estate Plan on that list? Let’s see how much you know about estate planning! Click HERE to take the quiz!!! How did you do? Whether you