Monthly Archives: April 2017

All in the same boat…

We have discussed the importance of all business organizations having governing documents, i.e. an operating agreement, partnership agreement, bylaws/ shareholder agreement, etc. One of the most common issues we run into is owners of single-member LLC’s failing to have an operating agreement. Most assume “I own the business alone- why do I need something like

Serving a purpose…

Just as important as drafting your estate plan is making sure your assets are appropriately titled. What is the point in having one, if it cannot be implemented according to your true wishes? It is more common than you think for people to have an estate plan done but fail to review asset ownership and

Permits, Licenses and Certificates…Oh My!

You are finally ready to open up shop. You have found a great location for your business, have a draft lease from the landlord to review and anticipate moving in shortly! There is a little bit of work to do on the space but you don’t anticipate it taking long at all. In fact, you