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Great Expectations

A widowed or single woman with four children has a sizeable life insurance policy. She decides to leave her most “responsible” child as the only beneficiary and EXPECTS that he will divvy the proceeds up equally among his siblings, as she instructed him. She also believes that she has reassurance through the Will she had

Fight for your (voting) rights!

Partnering up on a business venture? There are quite a few matters you should be sure about before you ink the deal. One of those is how voting is covered. Is it one man, one vote? Is it in accordance with percentage of membership interest? Do you have a majority? This is HIGHLY relevant as

Safe Deposit Boxes- Will you really have access?

Many assume that the safe deposit box at the bank is the best place to keep all important documents and that if something happens to them, those documents will be easily accessible, namely in the case of an emergency or sudden death. Not so fast. We have had instances where even a family member with