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Play by the rules

From the desk of Attorney Crump-Gibson… Your property abuts an alley between your business and a residential neighborhood. You decide that you want to erect a wrought iron fence to separate your property. All you have to do is to secure the contractor, make payment and move forward, right? Not so fast. Every municipality has

The Right Time is Right Now

From the desk of Attorney Jehan Crump-Gibson… We are often asked how young is too young to have an estate plan done? What is the appropriate age? Do you have to be married with children? There is no time like the present. If you are an adult- single, married, children, no children- the RIGHT time

In spirit or in truth: adult adoptions and estate planning

From the desk of Attorney Alcendor… During the recent holiday season, I noticed an uptick on social media involving stepchildren making the heartfelt decision to ask their stepparents to adopt them. (Check out one of the stories below!). In Michigan, an adult can become the legal parent of another adult. These adoptions only require the