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Play by the rules

From the desk of Attorney Crump-Gibson… Your property abuts an alley between your business and a residential neighborhood. You decide that you want to erect a wrought iron fence to separate your property. All you have to do is to secure the contractor, make payment and move forward, right? Not so fast. Every municipality has

Weed Woes…?

Last week, Detroiters voted to pass two ordinances that lessen the restrictions on medical marijuana dispensaries in the City. The vote comes well over a year after City Council passed a largely restrictive ordinance that ultimately led to the closure of 167 facilities. The voters have spoken, and their word will stand- at least for

Signs of the times…

You have leased a new building for your business. One of your tasks is selecting a new business sign for opening. There are a few LED and Digital options that are attractive to you. You plan to select the sign and have it installed by week’s end. That easy, right? Not so fast. Every municipality

Zoned out…

You’re interested in opening your physical location for your food catering business. You found the perfect space, the lease seems straightforward and the landlord appears to be honest and fair. There is some work to do in the space, but it won’t be too costly. You sign the lease for the building and your equipment

Permits, Licenses and Certificates…Oh My!

You are finally ready to open up shop. You have found a great location for your business, have a draft lease from the landlord to review and anticipate moving in shortly! There is a little bit of work to do on the space but you don’t anticipate it taking long at all. In fact, you

The “Z” Word

This week, we are re-sharing a VERY important tip on zoning. For those business owners starting out at home, looking to open a second or third location, transitioning from home-based to a store front- beware! Before you order equipment, sign that lease or purchase agreement, make sure you can operate your business where you intend

It’s here!! The C&G Quarterly!!!

Click HERE to check out this edition of the C&G Quarterly!!! You do not want to miss this issue! Meet our 2016 College Intern Class, catch up on what C&G is doing around town and read up on the latest in Estate Planning, Government Affairs and Employment Matters! See anything of interest in the issue?

Changes to overtime pay…the clock is ticking!!!

We’ve been keeping you updated as the new overtime rules adoption process has evolved. Well, it’s official… December 2016 will bring about major changes concerning overtime pay and exempt employees! Click HERE to read this Fox Business piece on how the rules will affect you! Questions or concerns? Contact C&G today! P: 248-395-3699 E:

Check out the C&G Quarterly Newsletter!!!

It’s here! The C&G Quarterly: Spring Edition! In this edition, you will read about what’s in the works at C&G, a few key pieces of legislation that will impact a number of us and learn about the winner of our Client Spotlight. Hurry! Click here to check it out! *Please be sure to read the

Do whistleblowers in Michigan need more protection??

Several laws are now under scrutiny as a result of the Flint Water Crisis. Many people are advocating for the legislature to review and amend some of the state’s most impactful laws. According to this interesting piece we came across, Michigan’s current Whistleblowers’ Protection Act (WPA) needs to be added to the list. Generally, the

Petitions to halt Detroit’s medical marijuana ordinances ruled invalid!

Back on February 5th, we shared the announcement made by the City of Detroit’s Corporation Counsel that medical marijuana dispensaries would be allowed to place bids to operate beginning on March 1st. In order to qualify for operation, dispensaries are required to comply with the medical marijuana dispensary zoning ordinance passed by the City Council

Saying ‘bye’ to strip malls in Detroit’s Midtown?

Midtown Detroit Inc., a nonprofit active in the redevelopment of Midtown, is currently lobbying for new zoning regulations that would change the current layout of the area. With these new regulations, the typical strip mall –single-story shops with a parking lot – would virtually be banned! Significant conditions would be required to build new ones.

Proposed Government Contractor Whistleblower Practices Rule may create more problems than solutions!

Take a look at this piece we came across regarding a proposed Government Contractor Whistleblower Practices Rule that may create more problems than solutions! On January 22, several government administrations proposed an amendment to the Federal Acquisition Regulation that would forbid the government from spending money on businesses or nonprofits who require employees or subcontractors

Medical Marijuana dispensaries will soon be bidding to operate in Detroit!

On Tuesday, the City of Detroit’s Corporation Counsel announced at a City Council meeting that medical marijuana dispensaries may begin placing bids to operate as early as March 1st. All bids must be received by the March 31st deadline. Currently, there are approximately 200 dispensaries within the city. If these dispensaries do not comply, they

City of Ferndale announces equal-gender paid parental leave plan!

Take a look at this—the city of Ferndale recently announced a new EQUAL-GENDER paid parental leave plan! Ferndale will now offer full-time employees up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. Under the new plan, city employees will receive six weeks of paid parental leave and will have the option to take an additional banked

New regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries in Detroit!!

Breaking news! Detroit City Council passes medical marijuana dispensary zoning regulations. Check the Crain’s piece out here ! Questions? Concerns? Contact us today! P: 248-395-3699 E: *Please be sure to read the disclaimer section on our site!!

Zoning and Religious Freedom collide!

On Monday, the Department of Justice filed suit against Michigan’s Pittsfield Township for violating the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000. The Pittsfield Township Planning Commission denied the Muslim Islamic Academy’s request to build a school on a vacant parcel of land in the township, citing traffic and noise. The DOJ believes

Home-based businesses and zoning: Being in the comfort of your own home does not make you an exception to the rule!

We have discussed the issue of zoning plenty of times before. However, with a recent spike in home-based business clients, we think it’s VERY important to talk about what zoning means for your home-based business. Zoning laws determine what you can do and where you can do it. Each city has its own regulations that

Proposed bill prohibits local governments from setting local minimum wage!

Last Thursday, the Michigan Senate approved a bill that would prohibit local governments from setting local minimum wages or other employment requirements. Supporters of the bill want to prevent local ordinances they believe would defer economic development. Opponents argue that the bill takes away the ability of local governments to decide what is best for

Democrats propose increase for tipped workers!

On Tuesday, Democratic lawmakers introduced a plan to allow tipped workers in Michigan to be paid the same minimum wage as all other hourly employees. Currently, Michigan workers who collect tips earn a base minimum wage of $3.10 or 38% of the state’s minimum wage. If the legislation is approved, base wages for tipped workers

I own this land… I can’t build on it?!?!

Check out this recent Michigan Court of Appeals case involving a denied variance request made to a Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Here, the owner of a small island wanted to build a home on the island. The township deputy-zoning administrator determined that the island was “not zoned.” However, the township planning commission chairman appealed

New arena development awards $25 million in contracts to Detroit firms

Remember last week’s post about updates to the rezoning requests made to Detroit City Council by Olympia Development to make way for the new Red Wings arena and surrounding development? Although the approvals are still pending, Olympia Development has announced that Detroit firms were awarded $25 million of the first $30 million in contracts for

GOP intends to cut MEDC funding…what does this mean for businesses?

Check out this article on Republican lawmakers’ plans to cut the budget of the state agency responsible for awarding incentives to companies that hire new workers and expand facilities in Michigan. The Michigan Economic Development Corp uses the funding to help subsidize job creation efforts. According to the GOP, these cuts are necessary to balance

Arena development advancing in Detroit…what does this mean for the local business community?

Read up on the updates to the original rezoning requests made to Detroit City Council by Olympia Development to make way for the new Red Wings arena and surrounding development. This new development brings a number of issues to light. What does this mean for new prospective business opportunities and existing adjacent businesses? Contact C&G

Who is responsible for approving zoning ordinances and permits???

Click here to check out this informative article explaining who is responsible for approving zoning ordinances and how zoning permits are issued. If you missed yesterday’s tip of the week, make sure to read it to understand the impact of zoning laws on you or your business. Questions about how this process may effect you

Location, Location, Location… How zoning impacts your business!

When many people hear the word “zoning”, either they do not understand its implications or their eyes glaze over. However uninteresting or unrecognized it may be, it is extremely important. Zoning controls the physical development of land and the kinds of uses to which each individual property may be put. Zoning laws identify the areas

City of Southfield approves zoning that allows for medical marijuana facilities!

Read about the Southfield City Council’s recent approval of medical marijuana facilities. The Council approved a zoning ordinance that will allow the creation of medical marijuana facilities within the city. The ordinance was approved 5-0 at the council’s regular meeting Feb. 23. What are your thoughts? Questions about how this new ordinance may effect you

MI Court of Appeals holds that video recording was not exempt from disclosure under FOIA

State Bar of Michigan E-Journal Number #58158 Rataj v. City of Romulus Plaintiff, a Detroit-area attorney, discovered that a Romulus police officer assaulted an unnamed citizen and that the assault was captured on video. Plaintiff issued a FOIA request for records, including the video recording and an unredacted copy of the official incident report. The

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